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Obedience Is your Superpower

A couple years ago I was traveling for work and in another state. I received a direct message on Instagram from someone I did not personally know.

“You are in my town. Can you come by my work? I had a baby with Down Syndrome. I’m hurting so bad and nobody knows.”

In that moment I heard the whisper of God, “Go!”

“YES!” I replied. What the address of your work? I be there tomorrow at 11 am.”

I had no idea if who I was about to visit was real. Was this a sham? Was I about to be robbed and left for dead in some dark alley at a random address in another state? All that did go through my mind. It didn’t matter though. I heard the whisper, “Go!” Many years serving Jesus has taught me to love listening to Him and then do what he says. Obedience.

I arrived that day unsure what to expect - who she was or what her deepest need might be. I left an hour later personally transformed and completely blown away at the power of the Holy Spirit and His ability to change a life and fill a heart when we just follow His gentle voice and obey His command.

I’ll never forget a few weeks later she texted me. She wanted to know more about who I was and what I do. It wasn’t so much about my job title or my actual daily grind. She asked what I was called to, what I carried? Why was our interaction so impactful and created lasting affects?

I resisted the cliché’, it wasn’t me it was God. But answering that question was not easy. Until it occurred to me. Obedience, I carry obedience. I have been faithful in pain. Now the obedience has become my joy. What she encountered on that day can not be boxed or even captured in a title. My obedience met her honesty, and that is a holy moment. Obedience is YOUR super power.

I’m really glad I didn’t compartmentalize my life that day. "No, I’m here for health coach business. This is not the moment to put on the hat of parent to child with Down Syndrome. In fact, this is the week you got away from your kids. This is #bosslady week, not a parenting seminar." As women we often celebrate or commiserate over the reality that we can wear many hats. However I heard it said, “hats are for hiding, you wear a crown.” Be a mom. Now, be a businesswoman, okay, now back to mom. Hurry up, be a good friend and remember, your husband needs you, too. That kind of hat changing life will become exhausting, and the schedule that you created will end up shutting you down. Your identity is not about all the hats you wear, but the crown God gave you when you became his child.

When we stop living like we are floating in a small rigid steel boat so categorized and begin seeing our life as a beautiful garden, we won’t quit and give up so easily. When we are in the boat and we feel like we have added too much, we we start sinking. But what if you look at this life you have as a garden tended by the Lord Himself? God guides you through and just because something doesn’t look the way you expect doesn’t mean it’s dead, its just not the season. And just because you started in one area of trees doesn’t mean you can’t plant another over on the other side.

Jenny Donnelly says it best in her book STILL.

“This is where I see people trip into the biggest pothole on their way toward a fruitful life in God. When the Gardener gives you instructions, it’s in your best interest to obey, not because God is going to be outraged with you if you don’t but because He has more for you. The “more” is the product of obedience. He is trying to grow some big fat fruit on your branches.”

Obedience will bring you rest. Disobedience produces anxiety. God is not a dominator. He is good. He is light—no darkness is in Him or comes from Him. It is not possible for Him to lead you astray. So listen to Jesus and do what He says—obedience is your superpower.

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